Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer vacation

Summer starts today for children that went to school. What does this mean?

Reduced transit service for everyone for the next two months. Wait, why is transit reduced because adults still need to get to work on time. The reason we are given is that during these two months adults especially with children taken a vacation. It isn't like the parents are taking the two months off.

I understand that there aren't the high school students on the business during morning rush hour but that's it. What is amazing is how transit figured students are such a big impact on the number of riders. Sure there are some routes that are effected but other routes the ridership isn't really impacted.

Summer does impact a lot of other things in and around the city. There are a lot more tourists in the city during the summer and that is wonderful for all the different businesses that benefit from the extra business.

This summer we have an even bigger impact of tourists to our city and the surrounding area as Toronto is hosting the Pan Am Games and Parapan Am Games. It isn't just Toronto that is hoping the event is a lot of the cities around Toronto that will also be hosting some of the events. The Pan Am games run from July 7th through July 26th and then the Parapan Am Games are August 7th to August 15th. I know that there have been lots of road changes that are going to be in effect during these periods so that means we will have to deal with some changes to the routes that we have been taking.

Of course all of the various activities and tourist attractions are going to be extra busy during the games so it is time for someone that doesn't have to travel much to stay close to home. I know that we are planning to spend more time at home just so that we aren't impacted with all the changes and the extra vehicles are the roads. We are pretty luck because getting too and from our office isn't effected at all but it would be trips to client sites that are going to be a bit more of a challenge.

Summer in the city is always something that we enjoy because it means helping individuals that are looking a little lost. A quick answer to a question means that the city is known as a friendly and helpful city and that is one thing that helps bring the tourists back again and again.

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