Friday, July 3, 2015

Looking out a window

Office with view
I think everyone at some point during a day looks out a window to see what is going on around them.

For me, the window can give me a lot of different ideas for my writing as well as tell me what is going on around me. I have a desk at two different windows so I get two different views. One window is at home and the other is in our office. In both cases my desk faces the window so that I can look out and see my surroundings.

The window at home is a bit higher so I can only see the tops of buildings and at least some traffic in the distance. This is where I do some of my writing and especially on the weekends. The window at the office is a bigger window so I can see the road and sidewalk around the office. Both of the windows are up higher so I also get a nice view of the trees in the distance.

For me a window is what helps me think and get my ideas down on paper. I really don't know how much I actually see that is going on around me most of the time but at least I can see out. Everyone has a different idea of a window in the work place. I have heard people say that they couldn't work if they could see out because it would distract them. Other people like me just need to see some of the daylight as well as the openness that a window gives you.

A window can give you a focus point or it can give you a distraction. There isn't one situation that works for everyone but for me a window helps me think and helps me feel better with my surroundings.

I am writing this in our office where we recently moved. We moved from an office that was inside with no windows to an office with a view. I know that I can be found looking out the window but if you were to ask me what I was looking at I wouldn't be able to tell you. I think half the time I am just looking out into space and not really seeing anything.

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