Thursday, October 8, 2015

Watching videos in public places

How often have you heard someone listening to something in a public place without the use of headphones?

I have noticed lately that more and more people are using their mobile devices to watch videos of some sort. What they aren't considering if the noise that everyone else has to deal with if they aren't using headphones. If you want to watch a video or play a game on your mobile device that requires sound please use some headphones.

One place I have seen a lot of video watching is in fast food areas and people are sharing one device so that at least two of them can see the video at once. Sure it's nice that you want to share the experience with the other person but not everyone around you wants to hear the sounds coming from your device. If you want to share the experience how about both of you using one of the eye pieces from your headphones.

The other place that I have noticed this happening with the videos and games is on public transit. Sure, it is a great way to pass the time during the commute but again not everyone else wants to hear what you are watching. Actually on public transit, at least in Toronto, there is a policy about if you are listening to a device you should be using headphones. Now again if you are using the headphones the volume should be such that only you can hear the sounds coming from the device and not everyone around you.

Videos and chats are get ways of communicating but please remember not everyone around you has the same taste. Chats through mobile devices again should be done using headphones with microphones so that not everyone hears everything that is being said.

If you want to watch your videos in public places please respect others in the same area. We all want some of that space and don't want to hear just want you would like to hear. Also, in a lot of cases the experience we get is a bunch of muffled noises so we get no enjoyment out of it and even if we could hear it, it may not be our taste. So, next time you watch to watch that video or chat with friends through a mobile device using the camera feature please remember that out of respect to others use your headphones.

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  1. The other annoying thing about the sounds out of those devices is that while they can send the sound a fair distance, that sound is really of a poor quality so that even everyone in hearing range liked the source material, it sounds like it was played using nails on a chalk board as the instrument, just not comfortable or enjoyable.