Monday, April 4, 2016

Our crazy winter

This year we have had a very odd winter and in some ways I really didn’t mind a lot of it.

Yes, we didn’t have as much snow as I thought we were going to have. It would have been nice to have the snow when people didn’t need to get around because it is always nice for Christmas. This year we had a green Christmas which seems to be what we have been getting more and more. The lack of snow makes it easier for people to drive distances and that makes me happy but I am one of those that likes a bit of snow on the ground when I wake up on Christmas day.

We did have the freezing temperatures a few times but not the long cold days that we have had in the past couple of years. This year we had a couple of days of -20 plus and then the wind chill made it worse but it didn’t last long like it has. We also had days when we were wondering if winter was really over because the temperatures go into the mid plus teens in early March. That is what we were dealing with this year and then winter decided it had to make one more appearance in the form of freezing rain.

Now the freezing rain started on the Wednesday before the Easter weekend so that meant that traveling on the Thursday was rather difficult. You can always tell when it is rough out when the school buses in our area are cancelled for students. The freezing rain made for some really nice looking trees but that is all that was good about the rain. This freezing rain also means that some of the trees that have already started to bloom may have a lot of damage again this year. The frozen trees also means that there are a lot of power lines coming down when the branches break off the trees.

Our winter seems to be a little crazy and I guess that is something that we are going to be dealing with in the future as well. Hopefully people won’t be without power too long this time due to the storm and then this will be the last that we see of the freezing rain and snow until at least November. Of course, I know that we need the snow for the moisture in the ground and I will never complain about the snow as long as it doesn’t impact businesses in a negative way. Snow in the middle of the night and then be done by the morning and I would be happy. Also I would rather have a lot of small accumulations than 1 major storm.

Maybe winter is over for us this year, but we will have to see as we have had snow into April in the past, so until then, we are just going to have to wait and see.

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