Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Art shows

I was able to participate in an Art Show and saw some good and bad points about some of them.

Good Points:
  • Good exposure for my art and able to show people where it is available.
  • Ability to sell work to people that understand the actual things you have done. (Science fiction artists with science fiction fans work well).
  • Get feedback on the pieces of work that up for display (this can be positive and negative).

Bad Points:
  • Lack of organization by the organizers for when the artists are setting up can lead to major confusion for everyone.
  • Some organizers may promote one artist over other artists when they should be neutral especially when there is no feature artist.
  • Too many display boards and tables can make the art show look extremely small.
  • Displays that are not visible from outside a door can mean people don’t enter to see the work.
  • Messy desk where people are to register as a bidder could result in people not feeling like it is worth the time or effort.
  • Organizers not providing the artists with what they were promised and adding stress to the artist when they are trying to set up their work.

An art show can really help new artists, it’s a means of showing some of their work to an ideal group of fans. If the Art Show is well organized and promoted it can actually assist the artist in getting more attention then they would have if didn’t do the show.

An art show that isn’t well run can mean a lot of frustration for the artist because they will feel uncomfortable with having their work shown in that environment. The work may not get the attention that the artist was hoping for. If the art show does make an effort of talking up only one artist is can mean that they are preventing people from looking at some of the other art that they might have purchased.

An art show when run well can really assist an artist by giving them the place to showcase their work. If an art show isn’t run well it can make the artist feel that doing this type of show isn’t what they should be doing and they will look for other means of showing off their work. Making sure that you are prepared for both type of art shows is very important otherwise it can greatly impact you as an artist if the art show doesn’t work out as well as you hoped.

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