Wednesday, September 14, 2016

15 Years

I normally don’t post a lot about things that have happened in our lives but this is one of those days when I am going to make an exception of that. The reason for this exception is today is our 15th wedding anniversary. Yes, I have been married to my partner for 15 years and am very happy. Of course there have been the highs and lows but I have to say that no matter what I wouldn’t have changed things.

September 11, 2001
15 years ago today things in the word were a lot different than they are now. September 14th was the National Day of Mourning for the victims of September 11th and all the events on that day. There are a lot of things that I remember about my wedding day and listening to the ceremony that was happening that morning was one of those things. I listened to the event while getting my hair done for the wedding and thought about how my day was going to be so different than it was going to be for a lot of other people.

We planned our wedding to be on a Friday as we were having a small family wedding and figured it would be best not to try and have it on a Saturday. One of the things about a Friday wedding is everyone that you event has to take the day off work but considering it was very small most people didn’t complain about that. I also think that after September 11th this was such a different distraction it was good.

I remember so much about my wedding day and maybe it is because it was a small wedding. Maybe part of it is because it happened just after September 11th as well. I remember walking down the aisle holding onto my dad’s arm and seeing my future husband standing there waiting. I remember some of the actual wedding but I remember the reception the best. Our reception was a nice quiet dinner for all the guest in a private dinning room at David Duncan House. This was nice as it gave us time to enjoy spending time with all of our guests as the total including the minister and photography was 16 people so that was nice.
January 2010

January 2010
15 years has gone by really quickly and our lives have changed some:
  • We were both employed with larger companies then and now we run our own business.
  • We both didn’t have as much grey in our hair but who really cares about that.

Some things haven’t changed:
  • We still love each other and enjoy each others company.
  • We still do some silly things together and sit and laugh about them after.

Us with Darryl Sittler - March 2015
Yes, the world around us has changed over the 15 years but we have been able to face all the changes and challenges together. Would I have changed my life if I had of known what was going to happen in the last 15 years? I can answer that simply by saying “NO”. I look forward to seeing what our next 15+ years will be like as I know that I will have my partner by my side and I will be beside him.

Finding pictures of the two of us together was a challenge as it is normally one of us taking a picture of the other in some odd positions. 

Happy Anniversary to my husband, partner and best friend.  I am glad you are all the same person.

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