Monday, December 5, 2016

Gimmy the keys and get out of the way

For me this should be give me some time and get out of the way. I always say that I would love two or three days to myself where I could do what I wanted without all the different distractions that I deal with most of the time. Just being able to lose myself and do the things that I would like to do would be wonderful.

Getting out of my way would be making sure that there was food available but something that I didn't have to prepare. I would love it if the food would just appear at the different times of the day without me having to make any decisions. I would also like to make sure that there were a variety of things to drink as well to make sure that I had something always available.

For me to have this time it would mean that there would have to be some planning because I would need to make sure that I had all the projects that I wanted to work on available and easily accessible to me during this time. I would also want to ensure that I had some of my writing material available so that I could write when I wanted to without having to answer to anyone. The other major requirement would be a comfy spot where I could do all the things that I wanted to do.

I have had a chance to have a day like this but haven't had more than that and it is something that I would love to have soon. I know that it would involve the planning as there is also work that needs to be considered but at least having that chance would be wonderful. I am hoping that this weekend I will have one of these days because I think it would really help me more forward on a lot of the things that I want to accomplish.

Before this weekend what I need to do is figure out what I would work on craftwise and then make sure it is all ready to go before the weekend is upon us. I know that having the project at least figured out helps me know that I can spend some of my time doing the things that I enjoy.

Gimmy the keys and get out of the way would be wonderful because I need to learn that I have to take the time to myself and not let others get in my way. I am sometimes the one that gets in my way so this time I am going to be determined to make sure that I have some time to do the things that I want to do this weekend and I will not be giving it up.

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