Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Looking out our window

There are days that even with sitting and looking out a window most of the day because of how my desk is situated I really don’t see much. The window to me is just a better feeling from sitting and looking at a wall so that is why I have my desk facing out the window.

Of course, there are days that I look out the window and I really enjoy what I see. There are a lot of different things that I can sit as we live on the 10th floor of a building. This view means that there is a lot of things that I can see that people that live in a house wouldn’t see normally.

One of the things that I can see if one of the hospitals where Ornge lands. Ornge is the medical helicopters that fly in Ontario and take patients between hospitals and do the quick run to the different trauma hospitals. There are days when I can sit here at my desk and I won’t see a helicopter at all and then there are days when there seems to be one taking off or landing quite often. The hospital that I can see is a straight line from my window so I do see that quite often.

Other things that I can see while sitting here at my desk are things that people will see if they live close to something. There is a rail line that I see also from the window and it is amazing how many times I look up and there is a train using that line. It is one of the main feeder lines in Toronto so that means that it does have a lot of train traffic on it. Sometimes you can see a lot of the train cars and other times you can only see quick glimpses of the train. Also the time of the year also makes a big different as to the view of the train track that I get. The window months means that the track is a lot easier for me to see so of course I notice more of the train traffic.

The different roads around us are also part of my view from the window. I can’t see an entire street but I get parts of the different streets so I get to see parts of the traffic flow around me. It can be interesting to watch one section of a street just to see how busy it can get at different times of the day. One street is extremely busy at rush hour in the afternoon and other times times of the day I really don’t see a lot of traffic on it. Again this is something that is a lot easier to see in the window without the leaves on the tresses that block parts of the street from view.

The school and park that are also close by do get a bit of my attention sometimes when I am sitting at my desk. I don’t get to see a lot of activity in the park because I only see a small area and of course that isn’t where the swings are located. Even with the school I can see one of the entrances into the play ground so that means I normally only see the traffic around that gate with school is letting out or students are arriving.

These are some of the things that I see from the window where my desk is. Sure there is lot of things that in the distance that get a bit of my attention sometimes and sometimes even the close things that I see every day get ignored while I sit and work. The view out our window is something that I do enjoy because it gives me that little view out into the world on a daily basis while I sit and work. A window can sometimes mean it’s a distraction but most often it is just things in the distance but something that can help me regain a focus when I need to look away from the computer for even a minute or two.

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