Thursday, December 28, 2017

Working on projects

There are days when working on a number of projects can seem like such a challenge and you just have to deal with those feelings and other days projects can be very easy to deal with.

A project can be something that can last an hour or it can be something that lasts weeks or months. Knowing what the project is about and getting a clean definition can make a big difference. For some people a project can be something as simple as cleaning a room in their home. For others a project would be cleaning their home. Yes, both of those are projects but it is the definition that is applied to each of them that can make a bit difference.

In IT a project can have a number of smaller projects as part of them and you have to be prepared to deal with all of the little projects while heading towards completing the overall project. In some cases a small project may end up turning into a big project itself without any notification and that doesn’t help when you are trying to schedule things. Knowing all the little parts of the various projects may seem a little overwhelming but having a good understanding can make a big difference between having a successful completed or having a project that fails.

There are examples of projects that can seem simple when they are first looked into but when you sit and actually start working out all the different components of the overall project you may find out that it isn’t so simple. There are always times that a project can be said to be simple until the actual work designs and that is when the real challenges can appear. A project can also be sold through a sales person as being extremely simple only to discover that the sales person didn’t understand the environment and the simple thing is going to result in a lot of different challenges.

Projects can really be simple sometimes and challenging another time and a lot of the problem can be dependent on the equipment, people or a combination of things. A good definition would be great and knowing what is expected at the end of the project can really help as well. Working on projects are something that I do enjoy doing and making sure a project is clearly defined can make a big difference between failure or not.

Working on projects can be a lot of fun when things are working well but they can also be very frustrating when things don’t go well. I guess it is now time for me to get back to working on that project that isn’t going as well as we planned.

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