Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Hiding from the world

I think a lot of us have times when we just want to hide from the world and do our own thing. I know that I have said that quite often through the pandemic and everything else that has been going on in our world. Hiding from the world for me means a chance to sit and do the things that I love doing without all the other distractions that I normally deal with.

What does hide from the world mean to you?

-        Is it sitting somewhere and just losing yourself in a television series or television program where you can sit and do nothing?

-        Is it curling up with a good book or series of books and sitting and reading and losing yourself for hours in them?

-        Is it going for a long walk where you can find the space to get away from all the different sounds that we deal with each day?

For me, hiding from the world can be a few different things, and it depends on the day and my own mood. Here are some of what hide from the world means to be:

-        Sitting and curling up with one of my crafts and not dealing with any of the social media or emails that are coming in and wanting my attention.

-        Finding a place where I can sit and watch people without having to interact with everyone. I just want to sit, and people watch.

-        Going for a nice drive where we are spending time without all the other distractions that seem to get in the way. We normally will do these drives without the radio on, and we also avoid checking our devices for messages for a while.

-        Sitting and listening to some enjoyable relaxing music with my ear buds in and not being able to hear what else is going on around me. Having some noise-cancelling ear buds has made a huge difference, as it gives me a way to sit and not hear all the other sounds.

-        It is sitting by some water and watching the movement of the water and seeing the birds and maybe even the fish.

Hiding from the world is what I can sometimes do, and it doesn’t have to be very long. I have found that sometimes even escaping from the chaos of the world around me for 10 or 20 minutes can make such a big difference. For everyone, the definition of hiding from the world is going to be different, and you must understand that each person needs their own time and space.

I have been sitting here writing this while listening to some relaxing music with my ear buds in. Sure, it is partly my escape, but it is also a way that I can focus and get some other thoughts out of my head without the distractions from the rest of the world. If you need the time to escape or hide from the world, understand that you aren’t odd or different.  You just require the time to recharge your own personal batteries or maybe just even yourself a bit of time to clear your head from all the surrounding sounds.

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