Tuesday, May 24, 2022

My planner/organizer

If you have read some of my other posts, you will probably know when I say finding a planner/organizer that works for me can be such a challenge.  I am continuing to work through some of the different planners that I find, but have still not been able to find one that works for me. 

For my life, I am thinking that I need to figure out what type of planner that will work for me, and it looks like it isn’t going to be one of those that you can purchase from a store.  I know that with all the things that I juggle having something that is flexible is what I need, so now to try and tell you what I have figured out works for me right now.  It is a mixture of a few ideas, but at least I am seeing that it is working right now, and that is all I can ask for.

A while ago I decided to try a traveler’s notebook and parts of it worked well for me.  The problem that I encountered was using one book to capture everything more like a bullet journal, and that is where it fell apartment.  I have figured out that I need sections to my planner and that is what I have come up with using the traveler notebook idea. Instead of having one book with everything in it, I have broken things down into four traveler’s notebooks that I purchased.

Here are the sections/books that I have:

1.     Notes – this one is to capture all the little ideas when on the go that I want, and they can be moved somewhere else later on.

2.     Writing – this captures the blog and website items that I want to write.  This means that all these areas are in one place.

3.     Reference – this is for all those things that you want to have with you, but they don’t change that often.  Here is there I have the fabric for our ETSY shop listed, cross stitch patterns from a couple of designers that I own and some other things that don’t change, but I want to have them with me.

4.     Calendar – how here is where most of the information is captures and those are the things that need to get done each week.  For this I have two pages for a week, and one is broken down by day and I list out what needs to be done and then on the other page I list the weekly accomplishments.  Some are on the to-do page and others that just get done

I have also found that I liked using the A5 size for my notebooks and since getting these on-line I have found that I can also get binders and loose-leaf paper in that size and that is making me so much happier.  I have other projects and such in the binders and that is where I keep more of the longer-term plans and projects and the details for the various projects that I want to work on. 

It feels good, starting to see a planner/organizer that is working for me right now.  I continue to fine tune what is with me when we are out, but at least I know that I have ways of getting things done, and I am starting to feel better about all of that as well.

Your planner/organizer must work for you, and remember that if you can’t find one to purchase that works, you can always figure out what you need and make your own planner/organizer. My biggest piece of advice that I can give is to be flexible and if something doesn’t work you can always change and try something else.

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