Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Books on a shelf

Look around and see the number of reference books that people have on shelves.  The books can tell you something about the person, or they can be a perceived status symbol.

        Reference books on a shelf can have different purposes depending on the person.

-        books available to look up specific information when needed.

-        books that they have read from cover to cover.

-        books that sit on a shelf, never used but to look impressive.

People use reference books differently, and that is fine.  Some of these books are course books, now kept for quick reference, but were studied for specific courses.  Other reference books can be read by individuals for their enjoyment, yes, some people find these books relaxing.  The reference books that are just on a shelf never to be referred to can help some people feel important.

Reference books on a shelf are what makes each bookshelf unique.  The books can give you a glimpse inside a person, and only by talking to the person will you learn about the individual.  I know I have reference books that I have read cover to cover for courses, and other reference books where I can look up just specific answers.  Reference books on a shelf are as individual as each person, and all have a purpose.

Nowadays, a lot of reference books are electronic, so you don’t see them on a physical shelf any longer. Yes, lots of things can be found through “Google” but you have to remember some of that information may not be correct.

For some people, physical books are still what they want to own and read, while others like the electronic versions. For me, I like reference books in physical format but my other books, I like electronic format as they are easy to carry with me all the time and I can have lots of books with me as well. When I take a course I also like to have the physical book as I like making notes in the book or latest, it is easier for me to read.

Books on a shelf have changed over the years, but it is still nice to see some reference books within an easy reach when something comes up and needs to be addressed quickly.


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