Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Sitting and watching people

 Here I am sitting and watching people walk by. It is always a lot of fun to people watch and see the different outfits. I am seeing such a mix of outfits from people dressed for work to people that are clearly on vacation. It is fun to see how colourful some outfits are and how some outfits are very basic. I love just sitting and enjoying watching what is going on around me.

Sitting and seeing what is going on and how different people behave when they are out in public. It is amazing to see people sitting in a Tim Hortons and how they behave.

  • There is a couple sitting with their daughter, and I feel sorry for the daughter. Both parents are totally absorbed in their phones and ignoring the little girl. I hope that other times they spend lots of quality time with her. The little girl looks so bored and alone.
  • One couple doesn't seem to know where they want to sit. They have started off at one table and I think it was too sunny for them, so they moved to another table that wasn't quite so sunny. Now this couple has moved to a third table, and I think they are now happy as they are sitting in the shade.
  • Some people come in and take a seat, but never have anything to eat or drink. They are all just taking up a table while there are people looking for a table to enjoy the food they purchased.
  • Now the other group of people are taking up two tables which can seat 8 people, but there are only three of them.

It is always amazing to watch people walking on a sidewalk, as so many people don't think about there being two-way traffic on the sidewalk. People walk in groups across the sidewalk and don't want to give way to people walking towards them. In a lot of ways people don't think about using the rules of the road on a sidewalk, walking on the same side of the sidewalk as you drive makes it easier for everyone.

People watching can be so much fun. The time you can spend just watching what is going on around can be so enjoyable. Remember to take the time to enjoy what is going on around you. There may be things that make you laugh and other things that make you sad.

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