Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Social media and comments


I have been watching a lot of videos and seeing a lot of posts on Facebook and Instagram, and comments seem to be putting people down or very negative.


I have this opinion that if I don’t have a nice comment to make, I am just not going to say anything. There are times you can say something, and other times it’s best to keep your opinion to yourself. On YouTube, I have seen people tell the channel that they aren’t good parents, and they are exploiting the children. Other people have said that the parents don’t have any control over the children. What people don’t think about is a YouTube channel is only showing you a very short glimpse into either a day or week in a family’s life.

As a crafter, I also watch a lot of challenges about cross stitch and sure we all have our likes and dislikes, and you shouldn’t ask someone why they would ever stitch such a piece. Everyone is different and that is what we must remember. Sure, some posters make comments I think to start that negative comment flow, but instead of doing that it’s best to either unsubscribe or just ignore those comments from the channel.

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

A lot of the time, a post is giving you an individual’s personal view, and you may either agree or disagree with it. There are times that it is best to just not comment on it so that it doesn’t end up as a big my opinion is better than your opinion. I know that I have seen a lot of this type of post and if I don’t agree with the poster's comment, I do the simple thing of just scroll by without saying anything.

Social Media

Sure, in a lot of cases whenever you post a video or comment on social media, you are risking getting negative comments no matter what you say or do. What you need to remember that what you posted in your opinion and if someone doesn’t like it you also have a choice, you can delete the comment, or you can just ignore it.

If you don’t like what someone is posting on any social media, you do have a choice, and that is if you continue to follow the person. If you decide to unsubscribe or unfollow a channel or person, you don’t need to tell them why. Just click that button and disappear, and then you won’t have to see what they are posting any longer.

We must remember that we are in control of what we read and watch, and no one else can control that. If things are to bother, you remember you can also take a break from social media because maybe you are just having a rough time and need that break.

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