Tuesday, March 7, 2023

I'm tired

How often have you heard someone say that, and you think that it means that they are sleepy, and they just want to go to sleep?

The words “I’m tired” can have so many other meanings and without being able to ask questions you may not really understand what the person is saying. Here are some of the other meanings of these words:

·       I’m tired – I am bored with what I am doing and just need to figure out something else to do.

·       I’m tired – I am stressed out and just need a break from what is going on around me.

·       I’m tired – things just haven’t been going right, and I am frustrated and need to try a different solution.

·       I’m tired – I need to get some sleep because I have been working hard.

·       I’m tired – I have slept, but I woke up still feeling like I could sleep a lot longer.

·       I’m tired – things just are rough, and I need a break.

Sure, there are only a few different meanings of those simple words, but it can explain so much when you dig into the meaning a little more. I know that I have said I’m tired and have meant most of these different meanings at various times. You know the meaning that you are trying to express, but the person that is hearing the words doesn’t know which of the meanings you are trying to communicate and will sometimes guess the wrong one.

When you hear someone use a couple of simple words, no matter what the words are, they may mean something other than what you are thinking. If you can sit back and either ask them questions or think of some of the other meanings to these words, you may figure out what they mean.

Words can have so many different means, and it all depends on if you are saying them or hearing them because the understanding can be so different. Next time, you use a couple of simple words, try and add a bit of a meaning to them so that you can ensure the other person knows that you really mean.




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