Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Creativity behind a zoom meeting

The last four years have seen a big change in how meetings are held. Before, everyone was in the same room, and you were able to talk to everyone before and even after the meetings. Now, a lot of meetings for businesses are help via the internet and through some meeting platform. Most people are in their own locations, so there isn’t the talking before and after and even during the meetings. Meetings are probably a lot more focused because there aren’t the side conversations that normally happened when the meetings were in person.

One thing that I have heard is that people are enjoying meetings a little more now because they are either shorter or everyone doesn’t have to be on camera all the time or even have their microphones on. The one advantage of not having to be on camera is you can do something else while attending the meeting, especially if your job is to just listen to it. I know that a lot of the webinars that I attend we aren’t on camera, so I normally have something else that I am doing with my hands.

For individuals that are crafters, the virtual meetings are a great time to pick up a simple project and work on it. I know that for me, it helps keep my hands away from the keyboard, but it helps me focus on what is being discussed. The other thing that virtual meetings are good for is getting things organized that you have been trying to do. Yes, you are there and listening to the conversation or presentation, but you can get something else done at the same time.

Creativity can happen during a meeting when it’s virtual. Sure, if you are key to the meeting, you won’t be doing the crafting but at least other’s that are just there to listen they can be doing something to help keep them focused. I don’t know how many things that I have worked on during all the different webinars and meetings that I have been part of, but I know that I have been able to focus a lot better on what is being said. Yes, I am careful with what I select to work on so that I don’t lose the focus, but at least I can avoid getting lost on the internet because my hands are away from the mouse, and I am a lot happier.

If someone says that they were crafting during a meeting, and it helped them focus on the conversation, it can be true. A simple project that you don’t need to focus your attention on can mean that meetings are a lot easier to attend, and you get more out of the meeting as well. Creativity is happening behind a virtual meeting and as long as it doesn’t impact the meeting who can complain.

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