Tuesday, November 7, 2023

When shouldn't I hit reply all?

It is amazing how many people when they get an email message that is an FYI have to do a reply all to it. In a lot of ways, what people should do if they are sending out a general email as an announcement is sent it to themselves and blind copy everyone else. In that way, it means that not everyone is going to get the multiple replies that are going to be sent.  If you receive this type of emails at work or home, think before you hit reply all because you end up just getting a lot of people frustrated because of the number of emails suddenly start filling up their inbox.

Another time that you shouldn’t hit reply all is when a person as asked everyone to simply reply to the sender with the details. I had this happen a few times when there was a group of us, and the idea was to select sessions at a conference that you wanted to do to and only send the details to myself. Well, what happened was one person out of the three would hit reply all and then everyone would know what they wanted. It didn’t take me long to change how I sent out that session request. Now it is emailed to myself and then blind copied to everyone else so that it ensures that the email only comes back to me.

Understanding when to use blind copy when sending out an email is very important. It does mean that when the reply button is selected, only you will be seeing the reply instead of everyone else in the email thread. It also means that no one is going to know who the message was sent to, so that is a great way when you are sending out emails to a group of friends and/or family.

So next time you get a broadcast type of email or an email requesting a reply just be sent to the sender, sit back and think does everyone need to see my message. It is easier to send a couple of seconds making this decision before replying to an email instead of causing frustrations to other individuals.

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