Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Do the things you love

I saw this comment a few days ago, and it made so much sense to me. Do the things that you love, as that will make it a lot easier to be happy. I know that for so many of us there are things that we enjoy doing and then there are those things that we must do, but we don’t enjoy as much.

What I have found works for me is making sure that I break up the things that I don’t enjoy doing as much and spreading them between things that I enjoy doing. Just being able to spend some part of your day making sure that you enjoy doing the things you love, but also getting the other things done as well.

I have also heard that put the things that you don’t enjoy doing at the beginning of the day so you can get them all finished, and then you have things to look forward to after that. That can work but breaking up the different tasks with things you enjoy can also make you want to start your day.

For me, I normally start my day by writing, which is something that I really enjoy, and then I spend a couple of hours working on those things that I need to get done and may not always enjoy doing them. This at least means that I have started my day doing something that makes me happy.  The other thing that I try and do is end my day by doing something that makes me happy.  Doing the things that you enjoy all the time and ignoring the things that you don’t enjoy doing doesn’t work because if you just keep putting those things off you are going to have to spend lots of time at once making sure you get all those items done. Breaking up the enjoyable and not so enjoyable tasks means we are doing what makes you happy as well as getting those other things done. My days are flexible, which is good, but I always try and have a mix of things I love to do and things I need to do.

Yes, do the things that make you happy because it means that you will happier overall, but don’t forget those other tasks either.

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