Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shopping Carts

I am writing this because of a frustration I have with people taking store shopping carts off store property.

People don't seem to realize that once they have taken the cart off the property, they have stolen it.  The removal of a shopping cart from store property is stealing, as it is something that doesn't belong to you.

I live in a high-density area, and it is amazing to see all the shopping carts left in different parking lots.  People figure they can also take the shopping carts into apartment buildings.  This is against fire regulations and people seem to ignore this as it isn't something people are educated about.

It is amazing, but almost on a daily basis I can hear the sound of the cart wheels going over cracks in the surrounding sidewalk.  Therefore, it means another people has stolen a cart.

Some stores even have the carts that the wheels lock at certain areas and the cart no longer rolls.  I have seen one of these carts being dragged along the street to get the groceries home.  The locking device must only work for so long because I have also seen these carts being pushed around the neighbourhood and the wheels are rolling freely.

This past weekend, someone wanted to bring a shopping cart into our building to use it in helping them move out.  This event resulted in a heated argument between our building superintendents and the person.  The person figured there was no problem using the cart, so the police were called, and no cart was brought into the building.  We supported the superintendents because the carts aren't allowed, and they are left in the halls and such, which is a fire hazard.

Things I have seen moved on a shopping cart are:
  • Chesterfield
  • Dressers
  • Full size beds (box spring and mattress)
  • Kitchen furniture

If you are unable to carry your groceries home, purchase a bundle buggy or something similar.  The buggy then belongs to you, and you cannot be fined for having stolen property in your possession.  When you are moving, invest in a small wheeled cart designed for moving furniture and boxes.  They aren't expensive, and you can always lone it to friends who are moving.

So please leave the shopping carts where they belong.  This helps everyone and helps keep the overall cost of items down.

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