Friday, June 3, 2011

Centre Turn Lane

From Ontario Driver's Handbook
The centre lane of some roads is used as a two-way left-turn lane. This lets left-turning vehicles from both directions wait for a chance to turn without holding up traffic. To use a two-way left-turn lane, follow these steps:
  1. Signal and move into the centre lane shortly before your turn. Slow down.
  2. Carefully move forward to a spot opposite the road or driveway where you want to turn.
  3. Make your turn when the way is clear.
Remember that vehicles from the opposite direction also use this lane to turn left. 

I posted these instructions in my blog because I am getting extremely frustrated with people that use the centre turn lane as a normal lane and figure that they have the right of way when they aren't turning.  I have been sitting outside lately and watching people drive around our area and noticed that this is a regular occurrence.

It's amazing to watch people drive in the turn lane when there is no spot for them to turn left in one direction (where I can see from my viewpoint).  The turn lane seems to be considered an express lane, they are using it to go straight, and the car is normally going faster than the surrounding cars.  We have experienced trying to make the left turn into our driveway and a car driving in the turn lane in the other direction and there are no driveways for them to turn into.  I know that there is a curve in our road and sometimes a car is partway in the turn lane to avoid parked cars, but they aren't driving a great distance in the turn lane.  We have witnessed a car driving past four or five buildings and being in the turn lane when there is no traffic in the normal lane.

The other interesting point about this turn lane is some people don't even use it to make left turns from.  They block the traffic behind them in a normal lane and then make their left turn from there and never use the turn lane.

I am concerned that there is going to be a major head-on collision in this lane because people are using it for the wrong reason.  If you need to use it to pass a car trying to park, please do so slowly, as this isn't a racetrack. 

Remember the centre turn lane is to be used for making left turns not for driving in.

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