Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Running in the rain

Children seem to have so much fun playing in the rain.  Why, when an adult is running through puddles and laughing, do other adults look shocked and/or displeased?

This is something that has always amazed me, and it recently happened to me.  We were out, and it started to rain while we were in a store.  Yes, I could have maybe waited under an overhang to see if the rain let up or stopped, but what's the fun in that.  What is a little bit of rain when it's hot out.  So, instead of waiting like others were doing, we decided to run to the car.  Running through the parking lot and splashing through puddles made me start laughing as it brought back wonderful memories.   Of course, everyone that saw us running either looked displeased or shocked, but it was fun.

Being able to find joys in the simple things in life can add so much joy to your life.  So, maybe, the next time it rains, and it's warm out, run through some puddles for fun.  Who cares what the other people's reactions, and know at least you are having some simple fun.


  1. Fun that brings thoughts of Singing In The Rain :)

  2. Hi Darlene,
    Your insight in the therapeutic powers of water is so true. RAIN has provided us an opportunity of washing away our worries, fatigue and the dirt of our feet. We design umbrella’s, raincoats and look for cover when we need to SOAK in the rain. Let our skin FEEL the droplets of water…..GET OUR SOUL WET while the RAIN wash of the dirt off our feet.
    May the Rain shower you with blessings?
    Julian D