Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To Do Lists

How many of us have the "To-Do List" that we look at from time to time.  If your list is anything like mine is, it just keeps growing.  My list gets some items marked off, but then more items get added, sot the list never goes away.

Sometimes I think I should have a bunch of different lists to help me see I am getting things accomplished.  Maybe the lists should be:  today, this week, soon, at some point, possible future items and dreams.  Maybe splitting things out like this would help me feel that I am truly getting things done.

If I had a To-Do for just today, maybe I would see results while the other lists could grow.  I know, in perfect time management, you make your to-do list for your work day late in the day before.  I find in IT we write up a to-do list the day before only to have it totally destroyed the next day due to issue that need our immediate attention.  Maybe in real life a weekly to-do list is the best because then you can concentrate on getting things done but still have some structure to your week.

A To-Do List is supposed to assist you in accomplishing things, not adding additional stress to your life.  As both an IT and a non-IT professional, I need to be flexible to meet the different demands on my time, but also get things off my to-do list.

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