Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finding the time

It is very important to find time to do things that you are passionate about. I know that we all have busy lives, but it's so important to remember that if you are passionate about something, you need to make the time for it.

I know that I love crafting, and I make sure that most days I at least spend 30 minutes doing a bit of crafting, be it knitting, crocheting or cross-stitch. Everyone has something they can do, even if it's curling up and reading for that time. Spending that quality time can make everything else seem so much easier because in so many ways it's a stress release.

Another thing that I am passionate about is writing, and it is something that I haven't spent enough time on lately, and I know that I need to change that. For so long I was writing a bit every day and then like most people I got busy doing other things and I let it slide. Now it's time to put my writing back on the calendar on a daily basis and know that it will really help me.

Always remember that if you are passionate about something, it's important to set some time aside at least weekly to make sure that you do it. Some of my thinking has changed over the last little while, and that was after a discussion with someone. This man made me realize that I am passionate about my writing, and I need to do more of it, and I think him for that.

A few words a day is what I need to do, and that is what I will do.

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