Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sitting in a Muskoka Chair

Sitting and watching the world go by at a lower pace.  It is amazing that once you are in a small town everything seems to change, the pace is slower, the air is cleaner, and people take time to stop and say hello even to perfect strangers.

The chair I am sitting in is a "Muskoka chair" and there is something about these chairs that is so different.  Maybe it's most of them are made of wood, or maybe it's the chair seems to hug you and lets you relax.  An excellent spot to use a muskoka chair is where you can sit and watch life go on around you, but preferably facing a lake.

Sitting and overlooking a lake gives you the opportunity to slow down and even dream.  There is something about seeing a muskoka chair by the water, it is so welcoming and inviting.  Curl up in a muskoka chair and let your mind drift as it may, and enjoy the feeling.

My dream time in the chair is over for today, but I will return to one of these chairs soon.

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