Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Accomplishing your tasks

We all have tasks that we need to accomplish in our daily lives.  It can be simple or very challenging, but it still needs to be done.  Sometimes it's just knowing the task exists that makes it hard, even when the task itself could be simple to accomplish.

For the larger or more challenging tasks, it sometimes helps to break them down into smaller tasks.  The smaller tasks in, so many, ways are more manageable and easier to achieve than one large task.  Being able to see some small tasks being accomplished helps achieve the larger task.

Not everyone will break down a larger task into smaller tasks.  It is an individual preference and can even way be depending on the task itself.

I am one of those individuals who like the smaller tasks.  I find that even if I have lots and lots of tasks, being about to cross things off helps me see and feel like I am making progress.  Big tasks don't seem so challenging when I can see the parts of it instead of just the whole task.

Managing tasks is something we all do, no matter what we do.  How we accomplish our tasks is what is important.  Simple or challenging tasks, they all need to be accomplished.

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