Monday, May 7, 2012

Quiet Time

Having some quiet time is important to most people.  Quite time can be curled up doing nothing or just spending some time doing something you enjoy.

Knowing what helps you recharge is very important.  Quiet time can even be time away in an environment that is quieter than your normal environment.  It really doesn't matter where this spot is, as long as it helps your personal battery recharge.

Quiet also varies based on an individual, some people only know no sound as quiet, while others need a bit of noise around them.  Knowing what you want is the important factor, not what others figure quiet is to you.

Some of my writing is done in a quiet environment, and other times noise helps me focus on what needs to get accomplished.  For me, quiet time normally involves a bit of noise around me, even if it's some mellow music playing softly in the background.

Knowing what your quiet time is and how you achieve it is what matters.

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