Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Our car covered in snow - Dec 27/12
For a lot of people around the world, snow is something we deal with a few months of the year.  Other people never see it as their country is a lot warmer and closer to the equator, and then there are others that deal with snow most of the year.

This picture is of our car buried in snow after 27 cm of snow hit just after Christmas in 2012.  The car was pretty covered in snow and all around the car looked the same.  It took DH a while (almost 30 minutes) to dig out the car but thank goodness the driveway was plowed out before we tried to move the car.

For some people the thought of snow means an enjoyment of skiing, skating, tobogganing and other winter events.  I don't mind some snow but have to admit that when we woke up to that much snow and when travelling I could have had a lot less.  I love seeing snow outside, but I don't like the slippery conditions that result when it starts to melt and then freezes.

So, for those of you like me, just remember it only lasts a few months each year.

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