Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Saying goodbye again

This past June, I had to say goodbye to yet another person that was very special in my life. It is so hard even when you know the end is coming, but in this case, it did come too quickly.

The women I am talking about was a business owner, designer, and a wonderful friend to a lot of people. With her, you knew if she liked you or not and where you stood. I know that I liked her a lot, and she was someone I could talk to about a lot of different things that I couldn't talk to some family members about. She also inspired me to try and do some designing, but also to be a stronger person.

It is hard for me to think about going into the store and not seeing her again there, especially when I need to talk to her about something. I am determined to make her proud of me no matter what because I know she is watching over me.

Saying goodbye is only saying goodbye to the physical person and not the person that will always live in my heart. I am a stronger person for having her in my life, and proud to be able to say she was a friend.

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