Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dinner home versus out

Last Friday, we decided that we were going to have a very nice dinner at home instead of going out.  The dinner was Chicken Parmesan, which I really like.  It was nice to have something like this at home and have to admit it was very reasonable to make for the two of us.

While we were eating it, we were discussing the cost of making it at home versus the cost of having the same meal out.  So here is the comparison that we did.

  Chicken schnitzel - 2 pieces                  $3.98
  Pasta (only used part of bag)                 $1.00
  Tomato sauce (used half a jar)              $2.48
  Grated cheese                                        $1.00
  Cost of food                                            $8.56

And the time to make it, but it meant that we were together, and it didn't take even half an hour for the dinner to be made.

The two of us having the same meal out at a restaurant   $37.70 before taxes and tip.

So the savings was $29.14 which really shows that when you have meals at home it is so much cheaper than paying for the same meal at home.

OK, we didn't have someone prepare, cook and bring the meal to the table for us, but we were able to have a nice evening at home without listening to screaming kids in a restaurant.  We also didn't have to drive to and from the restaurant. 

We have been eating more meals at home lately and have been enjoying them.  Of course, it doesn't mean that we won't eat out, but it is nice to see that with a little planning we can have a similar meal to what we have out for a fraction of the cost.  Now to see what we have for dinner tonight.  After writing this entry up I think we may have this meal again very soon.

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