Saturday, March 15, 2014

New desk for home office

new desk
This last week I have been trying to get organized in a new work area or at least a new work setup.

I have been working in an area that wasn't comfortable for me for a while and last week we decided that it was time to get me a new desk, so off we went and got it.  Getting the new desk did mean some major changes in the area that I call my home office.

The first thing was getting the old desk out of the area and figuring out how I was going to set up the new area.  The desk was easy because it attaches to a book case, so it meant I got spots where I can file things easily.  The arrangement is actually 8 squares where things can be filed, which makes it a lot easier. 

My desk faces out a window, which is nice because it means that I can see what is going on a little bit.  I do live 10 floors up, so I don't get to see a lot of people, but at least I can see up the street.

Thank goodness my DH and business partner understood what I really wanted in my work area because it did mean two trips to Ikea in three days.  We got the desk on one trip and then once I could start thinking about the organization of the area, I realized that I needed boxes and some drawers to put all the stuff that I had into. 

It has taken me a week to feel like I am finally getting settled.  There are still areas that I need to finish organizing, like the filing system behind my computer, but that won't take too long.  The 8 squares are now organized and have changed since the picture a little bit.

I now have a place that is my own, and it is set up the way that I want.  Well, it's set up the way I want it right now, and who knows what it will be like after I use the area for a month or so.  This area is where I do my writing as well as where I do my work, so it is a place where I can hide. 

Now it's time to get some work done.

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