Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sports teams in hotels

How often have you been in a hotel only to discover that there is a sports team also staying in the same hotel and even on the same floor that you are staying on. Well that does happen quite often considering all the hockey, baseball and soccer tournaments that are held through the year.

The sports team that I am meaning don't just mean the teens or younger it also means the adult sports teams that think just because they are away from home can miss behave. I had a hockey team once staying just across the hall from us and they were adults and figured that the language that they used was fine other than everyone else on the floor also got to hear what they were saying. These adults also figured that letting the door bang every time someone went in or out of the room was fine. This was the room where everyone gathered to drink so a lot of banging of doors. It ended up that security was called because of the language that was being used and the constant banging.

I have also been in a hotel where you wouldn't have guessed that there was a younger hockey team unless you saw them coming and going from the different hockey games. Those parents must be congratulated for how the team behaved because it was wonderful seeing how the parents and players interacted and behaved. That is a major exception to the rule because there was one team that when they were gathering to go out to play figured leaving all their hockey bags all over the lobby was OK because they needed breakfast. Of course the players didn't think about everyone else that was also coming down for breakfast when they put their bags down.

What I would really like to see is some guidelines that both the team and the hotel put in place for the larger groups of people that are staying at a hotel. I don't even care if these guidelines are given to wedding parties or conferences because all the larger groups need to realize that they aren't the only ones that are staying at the hotel.

If you are with a large group and staying at a hotel please remember that there are others also staying there and the other guests are paying for their rooms as well. A hotel isn't a home so respect it as you are a guest there and do you really want your group to be kicked out or banded from staying there again.

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