Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Public Transit

Have you ever taking some time to really look around when you are on public transit and to observe other people and what they are doing? It can be interesting to just sit or stand and watch other people around you and see what they are doing. Here are some things that I have seen on the public transit.

1. Bags don't pay for a seat – so many people decide that the bag or bags that they are carrying deserve a seat and they put their stuff on the seat beside them. The bags didn't pay a fare so why are they taking a seat from someone that has paid a fare. I know that if the vehicle is crowded and I see a seat occupied by stuff I ask the person to move the stuff so that I can sit in the seat.

2. Take up too much aisle space – I understand that we all need to carry stuff on public transit but try and keep it as close to you as possible. The aisle is for moving around so the stuff needs to be either on your lap or tucked in very close to you.

3. You paid for one seat, please take one seat – So many people when they sit down seem to spread out between a couple of seats. What I am talking about is how many people make sure it is very difficult for anyone to seat beside them in a seat. Either they spread their legs so that they are blocking part of the seat or they sit between the two seats so that no one can sit beside them.

4. Take your garbage with you – so many people will leave the newspaper that they have been reading and simply just drop them on a seat as they leave the vehicle. I have also seem people leave their empty beverage containers and other garbage. There are recycle and garbage bins that this stuff should be put into and not left to make a mess.

5. Priority seating – priority seating are for individuals that require them and not for the able bodies person. If someone gets on the vehicle that requires the seat and if you are seating it in and you are able bodies you need to move and let the other person sit down. I have seen people just look down and pretend to not see the person that really needs the seat. I love the drivers that make people move so that a person requiring the seat can get it.

6. Your music or conversation is for you not everyone else around you – so many people are listening to music on transit now. The only thing that really bothers me is when I can really hear the music when someone is using headphones. If I can clearly hear what they are listening too it means it is way too loud. The other people are the ones that watch videos on their mobile devices and don't use headphones which isn't right and it is against the transit rules. Conversations are the other thing that get me especially when young people want to carry on a conversation with someone at the other end of the vehicle, either move together or want until you are off the vehicle to carry on the conversation.

7. Door ways – doors ways are for entering and exiting the vehicle and not to be blocked just because you feel like standing there. I have seen so many people get on a vehicle and just stop just inside the door not thinking about anyone behind them. The other people are the ones that move in but then move back into the door ways and take up the door way and make it very difficult for others to enter or exit the vehicle.

As you can see I have had some interesting trips on public transit. I do take the time to watch the people around me because you can learn so much just by watching people. Please remember that when you are taking public transit to be considerate of the people around you as you never know who is watching.

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