Sunday, November 30, 2014

Traffic Jams

It is interesting to watch other vehicles when you are stuck in a traffic jam. In some cases I think some people forget about the rules of the road and even driving etiquette.

Recently we were stuck in a line of traffic due to construction and also a highway closure in the area. A lot of people got into the lane they needed early on but there were also a lot of drivers that drove by the line and forced themselves into the lane at the very last minute. These people were just queue jumpers and it means people that had waiting patiently in the line got very frustrated. People wonder why there is road rage and this is an example of why it happens.

Another thing I have noticed when on a highway in heavy traffic is the number of cars that move from the regular lane into an on-ramp lane to get a little farther ahead. The on-ramp lane is only for the vehicles that are coming onto the highway. In this case I have even seen vehicles cross the solid line to get into the on-ramp lane.

Being considerate when you are stuck in a traffic jam makes it easier for everyone. If you drive like it's only you that matters. it won't help you or others around you. The bad driving can result in you or others ending up in an accident.

Just remember on-ramps are only for vehicles getting onto the highway, just as off-ramps are just for getting off.. Queue jumping isn't recommended as it is rude and dangerous, and you are causing other bad behaviour around you that may come back to haunt you.

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