Monday, January 19, 2015

Relatives, who are they really?

So many people think that a relative is only someone who is related to you by blood. A relative can also be someone who is close to you, but has no blood ties at all.

What I am talking about are those people that call me Aunt because they want to and I am not related by blood or marriage to them. I have four such people that fall into this category and I am proud of my role. Each of these are kids of friends and I am happy I have achieved that role in their life.

Of course, I also have one nephew who is related to me by blood and he calls me “Auntie”. I am proud of this role as well because we are close and he knows I am there for him.

I also had a lady that I was very close to and referred to her as “my other mother”. She was someone I could talk to when I needed a different opinion on things. She encouraged me to be who I am and not let others walk over me. I lost this wonderful lady to cancer in 2013 and I hope she knew what she meant to me.

So relatives can be through blood, marriage or friendships. A relative is there in the good times and the bad times. They give you the kick when you need it and the hug (virtual or physical) when you can use it. They are there to listen and to be a shoulder.

I am very lucky because I have five people that call me “Aunt”. I hope each of them know that I am proud of them and honoured to be their Aunt.

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