Monday, March 9, 2015

Talking on mobile devices in public

It is so amazing to listen to people when they are on their mobile devices in public. In some cases it seems that people want everyone to hear what they are saying on their mobile devices.

There have been instances when I have heard people give their entire credit card number plus security code over the phone when they are in public and make no effort to ensure no one else can hear what they are saying. The amount of credit damage someone could do once they have a credit card number without you being aware could be a lot of work for you to correct after.

The other thing is the volume of a ringer that some people seem to have their phones set. When you are on transit or in public places it seems some people want to ensure everyone knows how important they are (well how important they want people to think they are). I have my device set to vibrate most of the time and the ringer is set to a volume that isn't going to disturb other people around me.

I think what is really funny is when you can hear one side of an entire conversation and you can basically figure out what the other person is saying. There are times especially when I am sitting along on transit that I try not to listen to a conversation but it is being done at such a volume it is next to impossible to not hear what is being said.

One thing that is starting to happen is people are trying to cover their phones with their other hands. What I have noticed is that in some cases the conversation is actually being increased from when the hand is not over the phone. Of course I think that depends where you are in relation to the individual but on transit you may be saying things that you think are private but the person sitting next to you is hearing all of it.

Yes, it is sometimes necessary to have conversations in public but remember what you are saying and the volume you are speaking. If you need to give private information when you are out in public make sure you are doing so where others cannot hear you. The best time to give that private information out over a mobile device is when you are in a private location.

So, next time when you are having that conversation on your mobile device think twice about what you are saying. You may be giving away some very confidential information without even thinking twice about where you are or who can hear you speaking.

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