Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vacationing close to home

Have you ever had a vacation that the total travel time was under an hour?

The type of vacation I am talking about is where you pack up and actually leave home and go and stay somewhere else for at least a couple of nights. I know that we have done this type of vacation and it feels so good. Yes, it is a vacation from the regular routine but it doesn't involve a long commute to get to where you are going.

For us, what we do sometimes when we need an escape is to book a suite at the other side of the city. What we also want is to make sure there are restaurants within walking distance so we don't have to drive anywhere once we park at the hotel if we don't want to drive. Having a suite means that we have space to spread out and get some of the things done that we enjoy doing without running into each other. The suite also comes with a small kitchenette so that gives us a fridge, coffee marker and a microwave. Sometimes the only thing we use is the fridge but at least we have the other items if we decide to just hide in the unit. Now for breakfast that is part of the package so it is one meal that we don't have to go anywhere other than downstairs at the hotel.

The idea behind the suite is it gives us a chance to do things that we love to do and normally don't have time to focus on at home. Yes, we probably could do most of these things at home if we really tried hard but the hotel also means we don't have to worry about meals for a couple of days.

A vacation like we sometimes do helps us recharge our personal batteries and regain a focus that given our busy lives we sometimes lose. I know that sometimes on these mini vacations I can do quite a bit of writing and in some cases I can get more done in a day or two away than I can at home. I have also seen my husband be able to document ideas that he doesn't seem to have time to do at home.

I think it is time to think of another one of our mini vacations. Time for someone else to prepare our meals and clean up after them.

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