Monday, April 27, 2015

Fast food restaurants and free wifi

Have you noticed that a lot of fast food restaurants seem to be busier than they were before? Yes there are more people going to the various restaurants but I don’t think they are buying any more than the few people did. What I have noticed is a lot more of the tables have only one person at the table and they are normally on either a tablet or computer doing something. These people normally have a coffee or something to drink but they spend more time than others taking up a table. Quite often these people are also taking up a table for four instead of a table for two.

I think the restaurants figured it would be a good thing as it would help their customers but what it has resulted in is fewer tables being available for those of us that really want to eat there. I know that I have got my little computer out a few times to write out some quickly but I don’t spend hours sitting in that restaurant nursing that one cup.

For me the only times that I will use the wifi at a fast food restaurant is when we are traveling and I am looking up directions to somewhere. I don’t use the restaurant wifi to check my email or do anything secure because I don’t know who else is on the wifi and what they are doing.

I know that even coffee shops with free wifi are getting busier with people that are spending hours sitting there. I have walked into some of these coffee shops and quickly walked out because there were no seats for people wanting to have food.

If you are planning on sitting for quite a while in a fast food restaurant try and be considerate of others. Please don’t go there just before lunch and take up a large table just for yourself and yours computer. If you really need to use the wifi for something make sure you are willing to accept that others may want to sit with you when the restaurant starts to get busy.

Fast food restaurants and wifi are great for those traveling as it gives them a place to check in or do the research that they need. A fast food restaurant shouldn’t be a place where you sit for hours and do your homework or such.

One word of advice when using the wifi at these restaurants remember you are using a free and public wifi and you don’t know who else is on it. Keep your private things for when you are in an area with a private wifi and internet connection because you don’t want others to learn your passwords or credit card information.

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