Monday, April 6, 2015

Phone call scams about your computer

It seems that recently a lot of us have been receiving that call about our computer and the virus that we have or the spam our computer is sending out.

These calls are in some cases a lot of fun because if I am in the right mood I can make the person work for a while. Of course I don't do anything that they ask me to do but continue to ask them to verify which computer they are referring too. It can be interesting when you ask them that question because they automatically say the one connected to the internet. What makes me laugh was the call that I got this morning and the guy on the phone told me it didn't matter which computer it was as they all have the same id on the internet. Gee, maybe if you are calling from a computer and complaining about my computer doing something wrong you better know a bit about computers.

I know a couple of people that have actually started to let these individuals making the calls get access to their machines. I can only say that when you get calls like this you never give the person calling any remote access to your computer as you don't know what they could be installing on your computer. You could lose a lot of confidential information by just giving the access for even a couple of minutes.

One call that my husband received meant that the person calling was on the phone for over 30 minutes with my husband. The person making the call didn't realize that he was talking to an IT professional even when my husband was asking a great deal of technical questions. The best calls are when you are transferred to the individuals boss and they still don't get it that we are just pulling their legs and wasting time with them.

If your computer is really causing problems on the internet it would be your service provider that would contact you. When your service provider contacts you they would know a great deal about your system and even what service you are getting from them. My best suggestion is when you get a call from someone saying that your computer is causing problems on the internet is to say thanks. If it is your service provider, hang up and call them back so that you know you have called into the service area that you know and not just any number.

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