Friday, May 15, 2015

A nice treat

Having food allergies is always a challenge because when eating out and I have had to give up a lot of different things due to the severe food allergies.

Now here is something that was a very nice treat and it left me feeling very good.

Yesterday afternoon we were out doing some errands and we came across a Tim Horton's truck that was advertising their new Chocolate Chill. Of course it was parked in a parking lot but out in an open area and there were some staff around it so we had to go and investigate.

This truck was serving the Chocolate Chill and only the chocolate chill which meant I should be able to try it. So we went up and were talking with the staff and yes they were serving just that new drink as they were trying to promote this new drink that is available at Tim Horton's now. We both immediately said we would like one because I had wanted to try one but figured that with my allergies it wasn't going to be something I had. So this drink is made of basically chocolate and some cream and yes it had chocolate whipped cream on the top and chocolate sauce. The staff apologized that it wasn't as thick as it should be as the machine was running low but I didn't care because I was going to get to try one. The staff made the two drinks and told us to enjoy them and smiled. Now the added bonus of this drink was because they were sampling it the cost of the two drinks was zero. Yes, we both got a small version of the Chocolate Chill for free and it was wonderful.

I was extremely happy after having this drink because it meant that I could have it without any of the normal risks that are involved if I were to have it in a Tim Horton's store. All I can say is Thanks to Tim Horton's for having that truck doing the sampling. I am very glad it was in an area that we happened to be in yesterday as I got to try it and enjoy it. I am now satisfied that I have had one of these drinks this summer and I don't feel like I got cheated out of it.

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