Sunday, May 17, 2015

Music and ice cream trucks

We live in a high density area and I have to admit that summer sometimes isn't so pleasant when it comes to the ice cream trucks in the area.

Ice cream trucks are fine in an area if there are only there for a little while and don't play their music continually or even too often. We have had trucks that part in the area and stay in the same spot for up to three hours and never move. Some of these trucks play their music on a very frequent basis which is rather bothersome when you are trying to enjoy your balcony or even when sitting inside.

The worst ice cream trucks are the ones that part of play their music continually for 45 minutes to try and get attention. Maybe they are getting some people to notice them but how many people are avoid them because they are frustrated about the music. I know that this happened today that an ice cream truck parked in front of our community centre and played it's music for 45 minutes and it was loud.

Ice cream trucks have to understand that if they play their music a little bit when they arrive that is fine but don't play it continually as you are just getting people upset with you. Another thing about our area is that we have multiple ice cream trucks that show up on a daily basis so when one truck isn't playing music another truck is.

There are rules that these vending trucks are suppose to be following but if they aren't enforced when bother. I know that when I have called about these issues about the noise and how long a truck parks I am just basically told that it is a low issue so it isn't looked into. An ice cream truck should be made to follow rules and there should be means of enforcing these rules in the high density areas.

This is just the start of summer and already I am frustrated with the ice cream trucks around us. I have heard them in our community for over a month already.

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