Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Let me write for you"

It is amazing what searching on the internet can show you. Recently we saw a vehicle with a slogan on it, and with it having to do with writing, I had to check it out to see what the competition is like. Well, searching the words didn't lead me anywhere so I decided to search on the phone number as it was also available just under the slogan.

The search using the phone number actually lead me to the seedier part of the internet which wasn't what I expected. It is amazing how a simple search can show you things you aren't expecting. Of course, I did try the same search a couple of ways to make sure I correctly entered the phone number and I had.

For me, a search of someone that I thought would be in the same field as I'm in led to something entirely different. My word of advice, a slogan can sound interesting but it could lead you in a direction that you don't expect. I am probably like a lot of people and with the technology that is now available I wanted to find out a bit about the company prior to making any phone call. Well, I learned about the company and it didn't have anything to do with writing.

So did I learn about someone else writing? No. I learned that a slogan and a phone number can lead to such a different place. Well, if you like what you read in my blogs let me write for you.

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