Monday, August 10, 2015

Respecting others

We live in an apartment building and there are times that I think some people figure they are the only ones that live in the building.

Lately we have been dealing with some noises that have been a lot nosier than normal and it is frustrating. We have had a little child that lived above us and they figured it was ok to let them run around the apartment and jump up and down all the time. It sounded like that they would run around the apartment and then jump onto some furniture and then back off the furniture and this would go on for hours at a time. It didn't seem to be just at one time during the day it varied when it happened and there were times it was around 11pm when this was happening.

Now, the people above us moved out and they are renovating the unit for the new tenants. We found out they were doing renovations when we saw a couple of the guys on the elevator going back up and we made a comment. This was a day where we ended up going out because of all the banging that was going on. The renovation was a total renovation of the unit so they were pulling things off the walls and taking up the flooring. This happened a couple of weeks ago so we figured that it would be the most noise we heard through the entire renovation. Well, you guessed it we are still hearing lots of noise as they do the renovation. It would have been really nice if the apartment management would have let us know about the renovation and roughly how long it was going to take to complete. We could have arranged our schedule differently if we had of known about the renovation.

If you live in an apartment building or condominium it is important that you remember that there are other people that are around at various times. Not everyone goes to work everyday and not at the same time as you do. For us, we do some of our work at home and both of us have been known to be doing the work into the evenings as that is when it can be done or when for me the thoughts seem to flow.

Remember when you are doing something that makes noise there are people in most cases above and below you. Try to respect them as well because making noises are all hours of the night isn't appreciated by most of us as we are trying to sleep.

Well time to go and see if I can get out of here for a while to get away from the noise from above.

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