Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Simple Gestures

How often can someone doing something small make such a big difference?

When you are out and about spend a bit of time watching for the simple gestures people do. A simple gesture can be a nod or smile as you pass someone on the street. You don't have to know the person but an acknowledgment can make a difference. The person may feel better just by you doing that.

Saying to someone “have a good day” can make them smile. It might even help you feel better as well. There is no cost involved in these simple jesters. By doing something like this can make people around you feel better.

Sit and watch other people and see what they do. Knowing that the simple gestures can make such a difference is nice. When you are walking around, see how others acknowledge you. A smile or a nod can make you feel better as well. Evening hearing the word “thanks” when you hold open a door can make a difference to your mood. Doing the simple guestures can really make a difference on how people feel and interact with others.

Being able to do the simple guestures can really make you feel better. People around you will be happy with the impact that these simple jesters have made. Remember simple gestures are what make people happy and they will do the same to others therefore making things better for everyone.

Now, before the end of today remember to do at least one simple gestures and see how you feel and see if you have made someone smile as well.

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