Monday, December 7, 2015

Working without internet

How many times have you discovered that the internet isn't working when you want it?

I think all of us have run into the problem of the internet not working at some point and it is normally when you are wanting to look something up or send out an email. There are times when the internet has been working fine and then all of a sudden it stops working. This can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to do something.

We have all become very dependent on the internet to do our daily tasks. It doesn't matter if it doing our work or doing things around home, the internet is part of our daily life. It is amazing to think of how often we check our mobile devices to see if we have an emails or what was posted on Twitter or Facebook.

I have noticed that when the internet isn't working that is the time that you seem to think of everything that you should look up. It is also the time when you think of that email that you should have sent a while ago so need to do it right then. I think when we can't do something quickly and are aware of that, is when our brain thinks of all of the tasks that have been forgotten for a while.

The internet has now become such a key part of our lives. Some people keep all their documents in the cloud so if the internet doesn't work they cannot access their documents. There are times that I would like to have files accessible no matter where I am but then I think of the issues with that. Yes, the internet can be available most of the time but not every device has internet access no matter where you are. There are times when you are travelling and internet isn't available so you can't get those files even if you really need them.

For me, there are times that I actually unplug from the internet and it is amazing how much work you can get done without being able to check emails or just check Facebook or Twitter for a minute. The minute you plan on spending on Facebook or Twitter quite often ends up to be a lot longer because once you start checking things there are a lot of other things that you think of. Facebook and Twitter are probably the biggest problems because you go to check one thing and that leads to another and another and all of a sudden you have lost a minimum of 30 minutes and don't know where it really went.

Yes, the internet has made communication so much easier but it also has given us a lot of different ways to lose track of time. Next time the internet isn't working think of some of the good points. You may get more work done because you don't have those other distractions.

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  1. Sometimes the internet 'being down' is just one site that is down, so do try others. I have often gotten calls that 'the internet is down' only to find that it is just the site(s) the person is trying to get to. I found out about 9-11 this way when the news sites got overwhelmed and the client I was at complained about it.

    A good way to have less panic when the part of the internet you want is down, is to practice times with out the internet. Most of us have only one connection to the internet, and any one such system can have availability issues. Practicing some time away from the internet may be stressful at first, but in the long run will help you become more relaxed, focused and productive in the things you want to do.