Monday, November 21, 2016

Being Creative

When someone asks me what I do in my spare time I say I enjoy being creative.

Being creative can be a lot of different things to people. The end result of being creative can be something tangible or it can be something that isn’t tangible either. There are times that ideas are created and those cannot be seen or felt for quite some time. Yes, being creative normally means you are doing something that can be seen by others.

For me being creative is sitting and relaxing and spending a little bit of time doing something with my hands. Of course, the creativity varies depending on the day or even the minute as I can sometimes start working on a thing and then I end up putting that down and working on something else. Through my creativity I am able to express myself in different ways which is what I really enjoy. Being creative can also be applied to my work as writing is another form of being creative. You are taking a very small point and developing it into something a lot larger.

The method of being creative can vary depending on mood or even available time or energy. There are times that a simple doodle that I have done will inspire me to either create something out of that doodle or it will help me figure out that project that I haven’t been able to figure out for a while. The doodle can also inspire a story or a blog idea and those are things that I love when they pop into my head. One of my most common doodles is a little character that I have been drawing for years. He has finally been given a name of “ME” standing for Mischievous Entity. This little character appears quite often when I am just sitting and drawing and sometimes he is doing something and another time it is just the basic outline of him.

Being creative is a great way to let your mind wander in various ways and can be a break from the normal day to day routines. Being creative can also be a way of solving those issues that you have been dealing with. There are times when I have been sitting relaxing and the solution for something that I have been working on during the day appears. Those are the great times when you can actually figure out a solution for something when you aren’t focused on solving the thing.

Creativity will vary by the individual and most people are creative in their own way. Not everyone fits into the same mold and that needs to be remembered. You may create wonderful drawings and someone else may create beautiful bowls. Each of you is create in your own ways and you should never put down someone else being creativity because everyone is different and finds enjoyment in their method.

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