Thursday, November 24, 2016

Showing others who you are

Everyone that I know has a bunch of sides to them and you don’t get to see the various sides of them a lot of the time.

What is interesting is seeing little bits of the various sides of a person and seeing that you really do have a lot more in common than you first thought. As an IT individual we go to quite a few events and meet a lot of people and have some wonderful discussions. It means that we get to know that person from the IT side of the world and that is where they normally belong.

I have had a couple of very interesting experiences because of individuals that I have met through going to various IT event. One of the experiences that I really enjoyed was a few years ago. I have been going to TASK for a while and there was a lady that I got to talk to there a bit and then I also got to talk to her at another IT focused conference. I figured that was going to be the circle that she was going to belong to and there wasn’t going to be any other interaction with this person. Well, that didn’t last too long because I went to my monthly get-together of cross-stitchers and guess who sat down beside me. Yes, the lady that I knew through TASK and the other IT events was also a cross-stitcher so we had a great time and we found that we both had another side to ourselves not just IT related.

IT events is one of the areas that I do get to meet a lot of individuals that that makes me happy. Another situation that was interesting was when we were at an IT event and we ended up talking with one of the regulars that we see. It ends up that his girl friend is also a major crafter like I am and we have a lot of those things in common. The girl friend also has the super sensitive ears like I have and I think even worse so I understand her. It means that this guy that we met at an IT event has become more than someone we see just an IT events. He is someone who understands me and sees that there is more to me than just the female that goes to the various IT events.
one of my drawings

For me one of the fun experiences was when we were among a bunch of our friends and they finally realized that I drew. A lot of people have never seen anything that I have drawn and it was fun when the bunch realized that yes I do that as a hobby. I had my sketch book with me that time and I was asking one of our friends, who is an artist, for some help with my drawing. It made for some wonderful conversations when people started looking through my sketch book and saw a different side of me.

So many people see one side of an individual and they don’t think that person is more than that. Yes, I have various sides to me and you just need to spend a bit of time around me to see that I may not be just the one side you see most of the time. A person normally has a lot of different interests and just sitting down and talking to them you may find out you have more in common than you first thought. Don’t be afraid to show others the different parts of you because that is how you will develop those good friendships and be able to talk about more than the original reason you got to know each other.

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