Monday, March 13, 2017


In Canada we have a do not call list where people can add their phone numbers and it is suppose to mean that you don’t get the telemarketers calling anymore. I don’t think it is working considering how many calls we receive.

The telemarketers have figured out a way of getting around the system and that is what is extremely frustrating. We have had phone calls from numbers that have the same exchange as our phone number and when you look up that number it is a residence. I am pretty sure that these people aren’t calling to sell the stuff these telemarketers are calling about. I know this because we have received calls from people complaining that we called them and just hung up. No, we are not telemarketers either but our phone number has been used to call other people. Sure, I know it isn’t our actual phone that is being used but the telemarketers have figured out a way for it to show up as someone else’s phone number and not their own.

Another method that they have been using is using area codes from the US and that is something else that is frustrating. Our Do Not Call List applies to phone numbers that are within Canada so now the telemarketers have figured out another method of frustrating all of us that are on the do not call list.

I have had a number of discussions with the various telemarketers when I ask to be removed from their list. I have been told that they don’t have to remove me because they don’t have a do not call list themselves. I have also been told that yes they will remove me but I continue to get the calls from the same phone number. The other thing that the telemarketers do is only let the phone ring 3 – 4 times because most answering machines answer after 4 rings. This means that if you aren’t home and you have call display you will see a list of the numbers that called and didn’t leave a message. Yes, a very good indication that they were telemarketers or my favourite call “Microsoft” telling me that my computer is sending out bad things over the internet.

Yes telemarketers have figured out a way to get around the Do Not Call list which I am not happy about but I also realize that if I can keep some of them talking about really nothing for a little bit it helps someone else. The less phone calls these people can make the less chance they have of hooking someone to give them information that they want. So next time you get one of those phone calls and it is from Microsoft or the duct cleaning service, ask them a few questions and see what happens. No, don’t give them any real information but keep them busy for even a couple of minutes to help prevent someone from being taken advantage of.

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