Monday, March 20, 2017

Wants, needs and everything in between

We have all heard a child say to their parent that they need something because they just couldn’t live without it. Of course, these items are normally something that will be quickly replaced or put aside when the next thing is spotted by the child. Sure we all have things that we want and even for adults there are times when you thought that item was something you really wanted only to purchase it and discover that it really wasn’t what you expected.

Now needs are something that we all deal with those are the things like food, clothing, shelter and such. I am trying to define the difference between a want and a need to illustrate something that I noticed lately about some people and their definition of a need.

Walking through a mall is a great way to listen to some interesting conversations to hear how people explain to someone else an item that they need. Yes, it’s a need because they just can’t live without this item and they are willing to pay whatever the cost is for this item because it’s new and they need to have it. Life depends on having this item because without it life just isn’t work living. So yes, I am talking about things like the designer purses and the latest and greatest mobile device. Would life not be worth living without these items, I can clearly state that yes you can live without all these things because before long something else will come along to replace that latest and greatest item.

Sure we all enjoy having those special things and I am just like everyone else that enjoying having some of those items but really it comes done to what is more important in life. We have a lot of nice things around us and I admit that but the latest and greatest isn’t something that I really want. I don’t have the designer purses because for one thing they don’t seem to last any longer than any other purse or at least they don’t last for me. I have bought the expensive purses only for the handles to break or the zipper breaks and that’s the end of that purse. Maybe other issue for me is that the designer purses aren’t particular for someone that carries either a tablet or convertible computer with her most of the time.

We have been spending some time lately looking for some new window coverings for my office where at home and we have discovered what we want and also what we need. My want is something particular that will do the job and not be something that is super expensive because in a couple of years I may not like the curtains that we purchased. Also there are times when buying something that is going to last for years is great and these are the bigger items like the chesterfield and television and other furniture items and yes they are worth spending more money on. Curtains and items like that for me are things that I am not going to spend lots of money on especially because they are things that can be replaced when you get tired of them. My want and need for the window coverings are similar for this item because I want something that will do the job and I need something to cover the window. I don’t need the designer fabric or the designer rod.

Wants and needs can change over time and it is something we all place a different value on. Sure that purse can be a need for someone but for me it isn’t even a want. When you are out shopping next time listen to some of the conversations and hear what some people say they need and why they need it. You may learn a lot about what people put a value on, and you may also see how you explain the items that you are looking at and the different between a want and a need.

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