Monday, June 5, 2017


I decided to look and see when I actually started writing this blog and it was May 27, 2011 so yes it has been 6 years of me writing. Sure I don’t haven’t been writing as regularly as I have lately but it is interesting to see how many different blogs that I have written. Before posting this one I have written 392 blogs for this blog alone.

What is interesting is seeing that I have 428 blog posts on another blog and that one was started on November 27, 2007 so that one is coming up to 10 years of having that blog. This blog is my fun and crafting blog and it doesn’t get as many posts as it now gets about a post a week and there were times that I was lucky to get a couple of posts a month on that blog.

Blogging for me is a great way to write out some of my thoughts and also a means of me showing some of the things that I do. My personal blog is where I show my different craft projects that I have been working on and that part of what I do whereas this blog is more my thoughts about life in general. I have found people amazed that I have two different blogs. I actually had someone ask me about this blog after they read my personal blog because of the difference between the two blogs.

A lot of people have moved from blogging to videos but I find that I can work on my blog a bit at a time and actually enjoy doing it this way. Sure some people enjoy being in front of a camera but for me being able to write down my thoughts and feelings is what is important to me. Sure not everything is written down in either of my blogs but there are things I want to show others and my blogs are how I do it.

I have seen people say how often they are going to post as soon as they start a blog without having an idea if that is even going to be achievable. For me I keep my idea of how often I will post realistic and if I can surpass that idea each month I am happy with that. Sure I have been able to write 2 blogs most weeks lately but if I get extremely busy I won’t be writing that much but will still try and maintain the 4 blog posts a month.

Blogging is something that I enjoy doing and I will continue to do it my way and know that there will be people that don’t like it and others that love it. My blog is something that I do because I enjoy doing it and it doesn’t seem like work to me at all.

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