Monday, January 15, 2018

Don't bully me

How many times have you encountered someone that seems to want to control you and only their option matters.

I have been dealing with someone that is like that, and I think I may have finally got the person to understand that I don’t want to listen to her anymore. It can always be a challenge on how to tell someone to stop their behaviour. This person has her opinion on things, and it doesn’t matter what I have said, she doesn’t agree with me, and she always has a habit of putting people down. This person is a cross-stitcher that I still at some events, and her general attitude is that she knows how to do everything, and everyone should listen to her no matter what.

Well, I have quite often stated my opinion and didn’t care what she said about it. I felt that I had my opinion and I could state it and if she didn’t like it, at least give me the reason why she didn’t agree. Her answer was always just I was wrong, and she wouldn’t explain why. Now this week I was working on something and looked over at someone else’s work, and she didn’t seem to be too happy with my facial expression. It wasn’t her work, so she really shouldn’t have cared. She commented that I was pouting and why was I pouting. I know that I was thinking through someone when I looked over, so I may not have had a huge smile on my face, but who cared. I finally looked at her and said, “Shut up, and it isn’t your business”. The girl whose work I was looking at handed me her work, so I could have a closer look because it interested me. Once again, this other person had to put her comment in and this time it was, “Oh, that’s better now you are really smiling.” I immediately looked at her, and said, “Who cares, and you just need to mind your own business and I have had enough of your stupid comments.”

Being able to stand up to a bully is something that can be hard, and then there are times you just have to put your foot down and see how things go. I hope that I have been able to show this person that she needed to stop her behaviour because how she says things can be hurtful sometimes and other times it just seems that she needed to look important.

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